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Orange Grove

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Sivala Umzansi Ngamasenke

Since 1976

Approved installers of a wide variety of roof sheeting.

  • IBR sheeting
  • Clip lock systems (For low pitch roofs)
  • Corrugated Iron sheeting
  • Specialised design sheeting for obsolete sheeting profiles
  • Widespan Sheeting

To achieve the ideal ambient temperature inside the building.

  • Sisalation
  • Factoryboard
  • Starlite
  • Factorylite
  • Alucusion

Create fast, effective techniques to expel water.

  • Plate steel welded internal free flow gutter systems
  • External Plate Steel Gutter systems
  • Free Flow - Gutter system that discharges water outside of building, mitigating internal drainage, therefore creating a more efficient flowing system eliminating leaks on gutter
  • Purpose made flashing for specific building requirements

Maximise your buildings natural light to reduce energy costs and create a greener carbon footprint.

  • Reinforced structurally designed, high non fragility class C Fibre Glass sheeting
  • Polycarbonate
  • GRP (Glass Fibre Resin Product i.e. Fibre Glass)

Powered and natural ventilation systems installed and waterproofed correctly for fire protection and extraction purposes.

  • Fire Vents
  • Natural Static Vents (For natural airflow through the building)
  • Mechanical Vents
  • Whirleybirds
  • Purpose made louver vents

Recent Updates

During the original construction of the Supergroup warehouses in Isando, the roof had been subjected to incorrect installation methods by previous contractors and poor quality control. The roof...
A hot dipped galvanising plant, of which the acidity of the atmosphere was between 17-30%. Roof structure and sheeting had corroded to a point where the building was soon to be condemned. We provided...
Worldwear shopping centre, just off Beyers Naude, required extensive gutter maintenance in order to maximise the longevity of its water management system. The system that we installed over roughly...
The Tupperware manufacturing plant in Springs suffered from poorly corroded gutters. There were areas where the gutters could be refurbished and maintained, but in others a whole new gutter had to be...
We were brought in by a roof remedial specialist engineer. M-Tec in Vereeniging suffered from extremely poor maintenance as far as the roof was concerned. A single sheet from bull-nose to gutter was...