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Sivala Umzansi Ngamasenke

Since 1976

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Products & Services

A&I is an approved contractor for:

  • Clip system roofs (low pitch)
  • Standard metal roofs (IBR etc)
  • Lastiflex waterproofing
  • Insulation installation (Sisalation, FBI, Starlite, Factory board)
  • Replacement of Asbestos roofs



State of the Art Technologies

In 2011, we completed work on a hot dip galvanising plant that suffered tremendously with a caustic corrosive atmosphere, which meant the existing sheeting was no longer structurally safe.  We recommended and installed a product that was not affected by the harmful acids that were expelled by the tanks.  This modern solution will provide the client with the peace of mind that the roof will now offer far greater durability and longevity with a life span of between 20-30 years. 


Product/Service Guide:

  • Colour One Side (Chromodek)
  • Metal Roofing
  • Cladding
  • IBR Sheeting
  • Corrugated Iron Sheeting
  • Conceal fix Sheeting for low pitch roofs
  • Polycarbonate and GRP Sheeting
  • Corrosion Prevention Waterproofing Systems
  • Ventilation/Louvers
  • Plate Steel Gutters, Free Flow Design, Water Hopper boxes
  • Specialised Anti-corrosion Cladding
  • AIWC (Specialised wind resistant sheet clips)
  • Galvanised Products